I'm a mixed methods user researcher interested in improving the way people do work.

With a background in retail and market research, I'm passionate about customer service, problem solving, and seeing the big picture through the weeds. At the moment, I spend my days (and many nights) contemplating HCI theory and deepening my research practice as a 2nd year graduate student in the HCDE program at University of Washington.

A selection of recent work:

Usability Testing for Nordstrom

Exploring the Usability of Nordstrom's "Buy Online Pick Up In Store" feature.

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I collaborated with 3 other students and a UX Researcher from Nordstrom in Spring 2019 to conduct a usability test on the Nordstrom iOS application. Our findings were used by the design team to improve the app. The research team also used our study to inform future studies of filtering functionalities on the app.

Talk-To-Me Teddy

A collaborative exercise designing an interactive and educational toy for preschoolers.

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In September 2018, I started the Masters program in HCDE, with a focus in User Research. In my first quarter, I explored user research through a variety of techniques, including a quantitative survey, an expert interview, ethnographic research and usability testing. Follow the link above to view this coursework.

Beyond UX: Past Projects and Collaborators:

Design, Test, Repeat

Breaking Into the World of UX Through the Retail Door

<a href=Haynes & Company’s proprietary data collection tool Proffit® predicts earnings outcomes, often within 1% of actuals. ">
Haynes & Company’s proprietary data collection tool Proffit® predicts earnings outcomes, often within 1% of actuals.
As the research manager behind the Proffit® tool for Haynes & Company in 2015, I led the build of a data collection product used by researchers around the country. The Proffit® tool facilitated store traffic counting at malls through a custom web application built for mobile devices. Through consulting on the design and development of the web application, I had my first exposure to the value of a user centered approach to design. I conducted user testing during various points in the development process and worked with the development team to incorporate findings into the app iterations that followed.

A Finger on the Pulse

Recruiting, Training & Managing Researchers Around the World

In-store detail from Madeleine's photo archive
In-store detail from Madeleine's photo archive
Through my work with in market research, I managed hundreds of in-store researchers around the world. While maintaining almost constant contact with people who do in-store data collection visits weekly or monthly, I was able to continuously refine and improve my training and recruiting methods. When combined with the cleaning, visualizing and analyzing these researchers’ data, I've developed a thorough understanding of retail data that makes pattern recognition come naturally.

High Stakes Operations at Nordstrom

My most recent full time position was at Nordstrom as a Specialist on the Digital Operations team. I managed the logistical flow of product for Topshop, a dynamic and high visibility brand. The success or failure of processes implemented in this role had a direct impact on the Nordstrom customer.

Boots On The Ground At Totokaelo

Totokaelo's stunning Seattle location
Totokaelo's stunning Seattle location
Between 2015 and 2018, I partnered with high end New York and Seattle-based retailer Totokaelo and its team of sellers to improve the team's product knowledge and generate sales. During this period, I gained front-lines insight from customers on brand perceptions, buying habits and key traffic drivers.